You always wanted a beautiful altar for your deities. They are the most important to you, and you want to give them the place they deserve. So, you looked how to get an altar, maybe you managed to get a piece of furniture that might be suitable for that purpose, or looked out for a carpenter to do the job. And maybe you got that altar… But that’s not what you wanted. You wanted an altar that stands out, that says “This is the home of the Lord of my heart!”.

But you never could get it. Simply put, there was no way to get that altar.

Now, we make your dream alive! At Indian Altars we can fulfill your desire! The most gorgeous hand carved wooden altars, made by expert craftsmen, are available to you. And we deliver them right to your door! Moreover, there are many models you can choose from, and you can even customize your order to your needs. So you get what you REALLY want!

The process of getting such an altar is pretty straightforward. You simply look at the designs and sizes. There are medium, large and extra large altars. If you need some adjustment, we’ll do it for you. If you want it to have cabinets and drawers, no problem! We add them. We will do what you want, according to your needs.

These altars come directly from Sri Mayapur and Sri Navadvip dham, one of the most sacred places in India and the World.

So, don’t miss this most unique chance, and order the altar of your dreams. Your deities will be extremely happy!


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Radha dd

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